Who's Best for Kentucky?


Kay acts like a college student by frequently posting pictures of himself partying on the internet. He’s not ready to serve us responsibly in Frankfort.1

Draws from 20 years of steady and consistent leadership to end Frankfort’s Obama-style wasteful spending, increase fiscal responsiblity, and oppose all tax hikes.

Kay has repeatedly refused to tell Kentuckians where he stands on important issues like casino gambling, which leaves us to wonder if he’ll fight for us.1

Stands up to liberals’ attacks on our constitutional freedoms and defend the rights of law-abiding Kentuckians to bear arms and protect their families.

Since college, Kay has worked for liberal politicians, helping them fight for Obamacare and higher spending schemes that hurt middle-class families.2

Fights to get government out of the way of job creation and has a plan to unleash the power of Kentucky’s small business owners to create more high paying jobs.

James Kay, II: Reckless in Kentucky

Don't forget about Old Liberal John-Mark Hack!

Old Liberal John‐Mark Hack has spent his career as a lobbyist and a government bureaucrat. After years spending government money as a bureaucrat, Hack became a lobbyist who worked for a multibillion dollar utility company that has increased consumer rates on Kentuckians by 47%.3

Old Liberal John-Mark Hack has supported increased government spending and higher taxes in Kentucky, calling a proposal to raise taxes a no brainer.4

Mark Hack

Let's compare the two liberals!

The answer is obvious: Vote Lyen Crews!


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